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When Tax Isn’t Taxing

, , , , | Right | August 16, 2021

I’m from Delaware where we don’t have sales tax, so I’m used to paying exact prices. I’m on a trip with my mom to Ohio to visit her friends. The eldest daughter of one of the friends and I are at a gas station getting snacks. I get a drink and two snacks, coming up to $5.00. I hand the cashier a five.

Cashier: “Um, I need twenty-nine cents?”

Me: “Why? I checked the price!”

Friend’s Daughter: *Taps on my shoulder* “He needs it for tax.”

Me: “But there isn’t any tax! This is Dela—”

Friend’s Daughter: *Smirks*

Me: “This is Ohio.”

Cashier: “Yep!”

I give him the twenty-nine cents.

Me: “I’m really sorry. I’m from Delaware and I’m not used to tax with payment.”

He laughs it off.

Cashier: “Dear, at least you paid up and didn’t threaten to sue over twenty-nine cents!”

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