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When Siri Gained Sentience

| Working | February 28, 2016

(My family and I have been harassed by telemarketers for about two months, now. Eventually, my sister decides to have a little fun with them.)

Telemarketer: “What kind of cellphone do you own?”

Sister: “Oh, I don’t own a cellphone.”

Telemarketer: “Erm, ma’am, I’m calling you on a cellphone number right now.”

Sister: “Yes, but I don’t own it. No ones does. It is its own person. Frankly, that’s a very offensive thing to say.”

Telemarketer: “What?”

Sister: “Yeah! Owning a person is slavery. And just because cellphones are not sentient does not make them less of a person! Check your sentient privilege!”

(After a short silence, the telemarketer hangs up. We never from this one ever again. We’re still working on all of the others, though…)

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