When Right Can Be Wrong

, , | Right | March 18, 2010

Me: “Sir, go ahead and right-click on the icon. Now, do you see that menu that appears when you right-click?”

Customer: “Nothing happened.”

Me: “That’s all right. If you double-click on the icon, does it open up the file?”

Customer: “Yeah, it opens it up. Just nothing happens when I right-click.”

Me: “Okay, have you had any issues with right-clicking before?”

Customer: “No, the mouse always clicks and opens whatever I click it on.”

Me: “Okay, try right-clicking on the icon again.”

Customer: “It’s still doing nothing.”

Me: “Is your mouse cursor on the icon?”

Customer: “Yeah, but if I move it any further to the right, it won’t be on the icon anymore.”

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