When Push Comes To Shove…

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I am a thirty-year-old man and my sister, her son, and I are visiting our parents’ house. My nephew is seven years old and loves me but he also tends to see me more of a playmate than as an authority figure.

I am talking with my mother and sister and my nephew keeps swatting my side and trying to shove me repeatedly. I tell him to stop between sentences as I talk to the other adults; however, he persists.

Finally, I’m getting fed up, so I lightly shove him back. It’s not a hard shove, but he does have to step backward and regain his balance.

Me: “How do you like it?”

My mother and sister are giving me “WTF” looks.

Me: “What? He started it.”

My mother and sister laugh incredulously.

Mom: “How old are you?!”

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