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When Pet Owners Give You Paws For Thought

, , , , | Right | April 26, 2021

I work in a boarding kennel and cattery. I am taking a dog up to reception who visits regularly, so we know his behaviour and personality really well and can tell when something is off. He was only in the kennels with us for a weekend.

Me: “Hi, Mr. & Mrs. [Customer’s Last Name], here’s Hugo! He’s had a good time and made lots of friends as always, but we did notice that he has been a tad lethargic this time around and limping on his left front leg.”

Customer: “Oh, no! His meds are supposed to help with that!”

Alarm bells start ringing because I KNOW Hugo was never given any meds over the weekend.

Me: “Oh, my, I’m so sorry. We never gave him any meds!”

Customer: “Oh, no, we kept them at home; we didn’t want them to get lost here!”

Me: “…”

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