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When Opportunism Is At Your Door

| Friendly | January 19, 2016

(I live in a small ground floor apartment in a housing complex. My front door is right to the living room and I can see it from the sofa. One night while watching TV, I look over and see the handle slowly turning down. Surprised by this, I immediate run over and open the front door. When I pull back the door it revealed a rather startled and shady looking old man.)

Me: “Err… what are you doing?”

Old Man: “D- does Sam live here?”

Me: *incredulously* “No!”

Old Man: “Sam Moran?”

Me: “Does it look like it?”

Old Man: “How long you been here for?”

Me: “A while! Why were you trying to open my door?”

Old Man: “Right, err… goodbye.”

(Right then the guy quickly shuffled off into the night. We never heard from him again and there were no reports of any other places being broken in to. My guess is that he was just an opportunist looking for something and ran off when he got rumbled!)

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