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When Mother Is A Pusher

, , | Right | October 4, 2020

I am the youngest, only female employee at my comic shop. Because of this a lot of people will simply assume I have no idea what I am talking about. One day a woman comes in with a written list in her hand, looking around our new releases. I walk up to see what she needs.

Me: “Welcome to [Comic shop], can I help you find something today?”

Older Woman: “Yes, I am trying to find my son’s pushed comics?”

Me: “Pushed? Oh, you mean pulled comics. They’d be behind the counter. What’s his name; I’ll find it!”

I lead her to the counter where we keep our pulled comics. Regular customers can have a “pull list” which means we reserve your titles before the rest are put on the shelf for everyone else. I start looking for his titles, but can’t find anything reserved under his name.

Me: “Ma’am, can you spell the name for me? I don’t see anything in here under the name you gave me.”

Older Woman: *Rolling her eyes* “It’s [Son’s Name] …S-O-N-S N-A-M-E… Jesus, why do they hire people like you?”

I am looking for the name and finding nothing.

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry but they’re not here. If he hasn’t picked them up in a while, they may have been put back. Can I see the list? I can go grab them.”

She hands me the list, and as I look it over, I see the problem.

Me: “Ma’am, how long has it been since he’s been here? We don’t carry half of these titles anymore. Some of them ended months… years ago.”

Older Woman: “You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about? Who hired you? They need to find someone other than you high-school girls!”

Me: “Hey [Other Coworker]! Can you look over this list for me and tell me if we have them?”

My coworker comes over and looks at the list. His eyebrow goes up, and he hands it back.

Other Coworker: “Is this a joke? We might have some in the older stacks. Half of these are out of print. We haven’t stocked them for a long time!”

The woman’s smug smile slowly disappears as my coworker goes back to his duties, and I hand the list to her.

Me: “Sorry, ma’am, I know I’m a dumb blonde teenager, but we don’t carry these. I can help you find the rest of them though.”

The woman took her list and walked out of the shop, a dumbfounded look on her face. Haven’t seen her since.

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