When Managers Get Pillowried

| VA, USA | Working | March 21, 2013

(My coworker has recently been promoted to manager, much to our dismay. She is loud, rude, and abusive type, and yells at us in front of the customers. This day is no different.)

Coworker: “[My name], you’ve made a BIG mistake! You better apologize RIGHT NOW! You are soooo stupid!”

Me: “What mistake did I make?”

Coworker: “You gave the wrong guest foam pillows! Now the guest will be very angry! It’s all your fault!”

(As my coworker continues her rant, nearby hotel guests can’t help staring. Meanwhile, I pull up log.)

Me: “Um, if you’ll look here, you’ll see that the one who put this in was under YOUR name.”

(I turn the computer screen so she can see.)

Coworker: “What?!”

(My coworker goes pale as she sees her name on the screen.)

Coworker: “Oh… well… um… everybody makes mistakes, right?” *stupid laugh*

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