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When Life Gives You Organic Lemons…  

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(At my job, one of my coworkers is so eloquently called “The B****” by some customers because, while she is actually very pleasant and polite if you are respectful, she can be a cold and blunt when you make her mad or annoy her. She doesn’t entertain nonsense. This being a small, family-owned store, the owner lets her deal with a few problem customers that come in now and then. This is just one of many conversations I hear her have when the owner asks her to “handle it” when a known problematic customer comes in.)

Coworker: “You printed the wrong label. These are organic lemons, not the regular ones. I’ll charge you the correct price, sir.”

Customer: “Oh, I wanted regular lemons.”

Coworker: “No problem. Would you like to go grab some yourself or would you like me to ask my fellow associate to grab some for you?”

Customer: “No. These are the lemons I want.”

Coworker: “Understood, sir. I still need to charge you properly.”

Customer: “How do you know they’re organic?”

Coworker: “Because our regular lemons come in small, prepackaged bags and don’t have these neon green stickers on them. The non-organic ones are also much smaller.”

Customer: “I wanted regular lemons.”

(I can see her starting to get annoyed and I am getting the feeling that this customer just wants organic lemons for the price of regular ones.)

Coworker: “Okay. You wanted regular ones. [My Name], can you grab a bag of regular lemons for my customer? I know the code, so I’ll punch it in.”

Customer: “No, I want those lemons.”

(He says this repeatedly, cutting off my coworker several times when she tries to explain to him that they are still organic and, therefore, a different price.)

Coworker: *raising her voice a little* “Do you want regular lemons, organic lemons, both, or neither? Pick. I have a line, sir.”

Customer: “Well, I wanted regular lemons but grabbed the wrong one. So just charge me for the regular ones but let me keep these. Your signs are confusing.”

(This is objectively false. Organic produce and regular produce are not even in the same area of the store and organic produce has at least six signs saying what it is.)

Coworker: “We’re not playing this game, sir. Pick the fruit you want or get out of my line so I can help the people behind you.”

(The customers behind him are actually having a bit of a laugh because most of the good customers know she’s allowed to spit a bit of fire at people being problematic. Him trying to circle around and annoy her goes nowhere because she is as steady as a rock.)

Coworker: “Get the h*** out of my line.”

Customer: “What did you say to me?!”

Coworker: “Get the h*** out of my line.”

Customer: “You can’t say that to me!”

Coworker: “I just did.”

Customer: “That’s rude!”

Coworker: “Cool! So is arguing about a $2 difference in lemons because you’re so convinced that you deserve it! I get paid every second I stand here. What do you get while standing at my register?”

(The customer stammers and turns to complain to the owner, who just laughs.)

Owner: “Either pay for your d*** organic lemons or never come back. Actually. No. You know what?” *starts refilling the cart* “I’m putting this stuff back. Get out of my store. You wasted enough time, making my second cashier have to check everyone else out while you argue with this young lady.”

(Other customers rolled their eyes or laughed softly. The man, eventually, realized he was defeated and left. I have yet to see him come in since then. The owner asked my coworker if she wanted to be a manager. She declined, but I DO like her no-nonsense attitude.)

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