When Life Gives You Lemonade…

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(On my thirteenth birthday, my family moves halfway across the country — yes, on my birthday itself. We have a party before I leave, but I am perhaps understandably a bit miserable about the move and the timing of the whole thing. Once we’ve settled into the new place, we go out for pizza as a family. I have a sweet tooth and dessert is usually my favourite part of a meal out, but on this occasion, I’m too full and grumpy about the move and don’t want a dessert, which my parents seem quite concerned about.)

Mum: “Oh, go on. Have a little cake or something! It’s a treat!”

Dad: “You can make room for dessert, surely? They have your favourite…”

Waiter: “We could do a smaller portion for you, if you would like?”

Me: *quite confused by their insistence* “No, I don’t want anything!”

Mum: “Not even a little thing?”

Me: “Well, I guess I wouldn’t mind another lemonade.”

(My dad begins to object, but the waiter interjects.)

Waiter: “Lemonade! Coming right up!”

(He disappeared into the kitchen area; my parents continued to seem disappointed about my lack of dessert. I was still quite confused about this until the waiter reappeared with a bottle of lemonade, with a napkin tucked into the neck of the bottle, supporting a birthday candle! I suddenly realised that my parents had asked the waiter to put the candle in my dessert ahead of time, and I’d spoilt their plan by not ordering one. The waiter’s improvisation made me laugh and really cheered me up at a time when I needed it. It was a long time ago but I still think of it fondly, and yes, he did get a generous tip from my parents.)

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