When Life Gives You Lemonade… Twice

, , , , , | Working | June 7, 2018

(I’m out with a large group of friends to celebrate the end of the uni year. I’m at the bar attempting to get a soft drink, but I only have a small amount of cash on me.)

Bartender: “Hi, what can I get you?”

Me: “Hi, how much are your soft drinks?”

Bartender: “What kind?”

Me: “Lemonade.”

Bartender: “I’ll go and check.”

(I chat to my friends while the bartender is gone. She eventually returns with TWO glasses of lemonade.)

Bartender: “That’s $6, please.”

Me: *thinking only one is for me* “You made that non-alcoholic, right?”

Bartender: “Of course. They’re $3 each!”

Me: “But I only wanted one.”

Bartender: “No, you didn’t; you asked for two.”

Me: “Actually, I asked you how much they were.”

Bartender: *with attitude* “Oh. Well, you said two, but that’s fine, I guess.”

(I paid my $3 and enjoyed my lemonade! I’m still not sure whether the girl was trying to trick me or was just having a long day.)

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