When Leaving The Zoo Please Adopt A Different Attitude

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(I work at one of the larger chain pet stores. We’re a smaller location and have a smaller amount of animals available for adoption. That usually means that the day or two before we get new animals, a lot of the animal cages and tanks are empty. I’m stocking shelves when I see a customer and her son in front of the reptiles.)

Son: *bangs on the glass* “There are no animals in here!”

Me: *drops what I’m stocking and heads over* “Please don’t bang on the glass. That frightens the animals.”

Son: “But there are no animals!”

Me: *looks into the tank and at the apology sign hanging underneath* “Nope, I’m afraid there aren’t. But still, please don’t bang on the tank.”

Mother: *looks up from her phone* “Why aren’t there any reptiles over here?”

Me: “They must have all gotten adopted.”

Mother: “Why?”

Me: *stands there in surprise before I find my words* “Because we’re not a zoo.”

(The woman tried to complain to my manager, as if us not having animals for them to look at was my fault, but nothing came of it.)

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