When Karens Are So Bad They Bring Other Names Down With Them

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We do custom cakes in our shop. A customer has ordered a cake with “Happy Birthday, Karen!” written on it. She comes in for collection.

Customer: “You’ve spelt this wrong.”

Me: “Oh? That is how it’s spelt on the order form.”

Customer: “Well, it’s wrong. I’d like a discount.”

I call the shop owner over as discounts must go through him.

Owner: “I can’t do a discount as this is how it was spelt on the form, and the form is filled out by the customer. I can get [My Name] to redo it free of charge. It will take another an hour, though.”

Customer: *Huffs* “FINE!”

Owner: “Can I get the correct spelling, please?”

Customer: “D.”

The owner gives me a confused glance and I notice the other customers in the store, having taken notice, do much the same.

Owner: “This was meant to be ‘Darren’?”

Customer: “No, ‘Karen’! D-A-R-I-A-N.”

Owner: “That doesn’t spell ‘Karen.’”

Customer: *Grunts* “Just give me one of your piping kits for free and I’ll do it myself! This is terrible service. After this, I won’t be coming here again!”

The owner obliges, and the customer sloppily fixes the cake on a free counter. A friend comes in shortly before she finishes up.

Customer: “They got your cake wrong.”

The customer gives us a nasty look.

Customer: “I’ve had to fix it myself.”

Friend: “Oh?” *Looks at cake* “Why does it say, ‘Michael’?”

Customer: “UGH! IT’S SAYS KAREN!”

The customer grabs the cake — the literal cake, leaving the base — and storms out. Her friend follows her out, yelling:

Friend: “Who the f*** is Karen?”

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