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When Juice Breaks Concentration

| Related | April 28, 2012

(My dad is in the middle of a very important phone call when my mom comes out of the kitchen holding a carton of juice. My sister, my dad and I are all sitting in the living room.)

Mom: *screaming happily* “I have more juice!”

Sister and me: “Shh!”

(Dad angrily glares at Mom.)

Mom: *squeaks* “Oh, dear.”

(After the phone call.)

Dad: “Why on earth were you screaming?!”

Mom: “I found another carton of juice.”

Me: “And that was an excuse to scream happily like you struck oil?”

Mom: “Well, I thought it was the last carton.”

Dad: “Oh, you have got to be kidding me.”

Sister: “Next time, make sure that no one is on the phone when you decide to scream happily like a psychopath.”

Mom: “Is anyone on the phone now?”

Me: “No, why?”

Mom: *interrupts* “I FOUND MORE JUICE!” *gleefully runs back to the kitchen*

Dad: “Oh, jeez.”

Me: “Hey dude, you married her.”

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