When Jobs Are Looking For You

, , , | Friendly | July 6, 2017

(I have a job interview in a town about 200 miles from home. Because my interview is early in the morning, the night before I stay in a hotel much closer to the school. As I am walking out of the hotel lobby after checking out, another man walks past me into the lobby. When I get out to my car, I hear a tap on my window. The same man is standing there, so I roll down my window in case I had forgotten something inside or anything.)

Man: *friendly and smiling* “Hey, are you looking for a job?”

Me: “Kind of, but I’m really only looking for teaching jobs right now.”

Man: “Well, my company is always hiring, so if you want my business card, you can give me a call and we can set something up.”

Me: “What kind of work is it?”

Man: “Supplemental insurance sales.”

Me: *handing his business card back to him* “Thanks, but I think I’ll pass.”

(At this point, the man starts to turn aggressive, leaning into the window and practically shouting in my ear.)

Man: “What, you think you’re too good to sell insurance? Or are you just so d*** stupid that the only job you can find is at a hotel?”

Me: “Like I said, I’m looking for a TEACHING job, so I’m not really interested in anything else right now, unless it has something to do with working in schools or working with kids.”

Man: *reaching past me and pointing at the piece of paper on the passenger seat* “Then why did you pick up an application in there?”

Me: “That’s my RECEIPT.”

Man: *actually grabbing my tie* “Okay, but who the f*** wears a suit and tie into a hotel lobby this early in the morning unless they’re looking for a job?”

Me: *shoving the guy back out of my car* “I was CHECKING OUT, and I have a job interview at a school in half an hour.”

(I drove off at that point, but watched the guy in my rear-view mirror as he got in his pick-up truck and raced to catch up to me. I got my phone ready in case he still had road rage, but he ended up turning the other direction out of the parking lot and speeding away. I was still pretty shaken up when I got to the school for my interview, and had to take some extra time fussing over my clothes in the parking lot just so I could calm down before I walked inside. On the plus side, I still ended up giving a good enough interview that I was offered the job!)

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