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When It Rains, It Pours, And You Can’t Just Ignore It

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Due to a very traumatic incident as a child, I am terrified of being out in the rain. It causes me to go into a panic attack and I shut down for about a half-hour until I can calm down. I’ve gotten better over the years, but being out in a heavy rainstorm still sets me off. I get to work one day while it’s raining, and it’s getting worse by the second. I steel myself and then rush through the parking lot to get inside, about a 100-yard dash. I get in and think nothing of it, as I’m a little early.

One of my coworkers rushes up to me to tell me that I, somehow, have left my car running in the parking lot. I feel for my keys and check my purse, but it’s true. I’m filled with dread as I realize I have to run back out in the storm to turn my car off, and by now the sky is completely black at 2:45 pm.

I run out, panicking by the second, and I manage to turn my car off and start to rush back, but I can’t move as fast anymore, as I’ve already exhausted my out-of-shape self from doing this dash twice already. That’s when I see a shuttle bus driving up.

Though my store and the resort we are next to are technically two separate businesses, we are owned by the same people, to the extent that the resort’s Human Resources department doubles as ours. The driver is a coworker of mine, as well. I am the only person in that parking lot when the bus slows down in front of me, stops, and opens its door. I run to the door, grateful for the quick lift back to the store, but the door is shut in my face and the bus drives off.

I get back into the office and am thrown into a full panic attack, having to breathe into a paper bag to calm down, trying to not cry or go into a violent fit. I eventually calm back down enough to go to work. 

About a half-hour into my shift, one of the resort’s higher-ups comes in. I don’t know him, or his specific department, but he would have to be Human Resources at a minimum. He asks me if I’m okay when he sees the state I’m in, and, not really thinking about it, I tell him about the shuttle bus. He nods along as I tell the story, takes his purchase, says he hopes I feel better soon, and leaves.

The next day, I come into work to hear the latest gossip: one of the shuttle bus drivers was fired yesterday for intentionally leaving someone stranded in the rain.

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