When It Comes To Bad Customers, There’s No Limit

, , , | Right | August 28, 2020

My store has put a very good sale on a fifty-ounce can of green beans. We have to put a limit of four per customer on them due to high demand. We’ve had people come up with more, and when we’ve told them, they have had reactions ranging from understanding to irritated.

A customer comes up with twenty cans.

Me: “Ma’am, there’s a limit of four on the green beans.”

Customer: “There’s no limit in the newspaper ad.”

Me: “Yes, but it does say we reserve the right to limit quantities.”

The lady is irritated with me because her argument for getting as many as she wants is beaten before it even began.

Customer:Fine. I don’t want any of them.”

I ring the rest of the lady’s item and tell her the total. She pays and I am about to give her change to her.

Customer:Well, I don’t have to shop here, do I?”

Me: “No, ma’am, you don’t.”

Customer: “Well, then, give me back my money. You can tell your manager that you’ve lost a customer.”

I handed her back her money, she left, and I called the manager over to explain what had just happened and have her post-void the order.

The lady called the store a couple of hours later to complain. She told the manager that she went to our competitor and got as many as she wanted, and that she wasn’t upset there was a limit on the item, but that I didn’t care enough about her to give her the items anyway.

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