When In Doubt, Improvise

| | Right | January 23, 2009

(Some days when there aren’t enough lifeguards, we have to close off the deep end of the wave pool – but, we aren’t allowed to tell guests that reason.)

Customer: “What’s with the buoy line?”

Me: “It’s there to keep you from entering the deep end.”

Customer: “Well, duh! Why is it there?”

Me: “Oh, the deep end is closed right now.”

Customer: “That’s so f****** stupid! There’s no reason the deep end should be closed!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. The water is…broken.”

Customer: “Oh, sorry then. Have a nice day.”

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  • Trillium

    That sounds awesomely impossible!

  • Vira Vandom

    Reminds me of WoW, where there was a pocket of air within a dungeon’s lake.

  • Jessica B

    I love how you knew that the truth of, “We don’t have enough lifeguards” would just cause more arguing than a literally impossible to be real explanation! You’ve been working that job a bit too long, huh?