When Ice Cream Really Does Make You Scream

, , , | Right | February 27, 2019

(I work at a family restaurant that gives out complimentary ice cream and tea or coffee with the purchase of an entree. At the end of the meal, I ask:)

Me: “Can I grab you both some dessert? Your meals come with vanilla or spumoni ice cream.”

Customer #1: “I’ll have the green tea.”

Me: “Sure, one green tea. But would you like vanilla or spumoni?”

Customer #2: “I’ll have the mango ice cream.”

Me: “It’s only vanilla or spumoni, which is chocolate, vanilla, and pistachio. Which can I get for you?”

Customer #1: “Do you have strawberry?”

Me: “No. Just vanilla or spumoni.”

Customer #2: “We’ll both have the spumoni.”

(I grab two spumoni ice creams and a green tea, and set them down on the table.)

Customer #1: “I didn’t order a tea. I wanted the green tea ice cream!”

Customer #2: “I thought Neapolitan ice cream had strawberry?”

(After another discussion about our two flavors, they finally make a final decision.)

Customer #1: “We’ll take the vanilla.”

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