When I Score 64

, , , | Learning | July 23, 2018

(I take a literature class, and have an awful teacher. It is my final year, and this class is going towards my score that I need to get into university, so I really want to do well. I hate this teacher due to the way she talks over students, is condescending towards anyone who disagrees with her, and teaches things that are straight-up wrong. I have a parent-teacher interview with her just so my mum can meet her.)

Teacher: “[My Name] is doing all right in this class. She could definitely improve, but I’m happy with her work.” *pulls out a recent test of mine as an example* “Here is a test [My Name] did last week, and as you can see, she did quite well.”

(My mark is written in pencil, but is clearly 72%, which is higher than my previous marks, so I am very happy.)

Mum: “Well, that’s good to see! I guess I don’t have to worry about this class anymore.”

(Two days later, I’m in literature class again, and my teacher is handing out that assignment to the rest of the class. I get mine, and I can see the pencil mark of 72% has been erased, and a 64% is written over the top. Since it was in pencil, and erased badly, I can see the thin outline of where the 72 used to be.)

Me: “Miss, can you check my paper? You showed it to my mum and me at the interview, but the mark is different.”

(I hand the paper back, and my teacher almost knocks over her coffee when she realises I’ve caught her!)

Teacher: “Oh, yes, my mistake.” *quickly erases and rewrites it to 72, then hands it back* “You can sit back down now.”

(If she hadn’t been dumb enough to have shown me that exact paper before, and left the pencil markings behind, she would have gotten away with it! Makes me wonder how many of my tests were changed without me knowing, since they were all in pencil. Thankfully, I complained about this and many other issues to my dean of year, and the teacher decided to retire that year.)

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