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When Gay Is Logical

, , | Learning | December 29, 2017

(I’m taking a logic class being taught by a male grad student, [Teacher]. We are working on writing logical statements in Logical Shorthand, when we get the result (~ G ay). A tilde(~) in Logical Shorthand means ‘inverse’ or ‘not’ so various members of the class start making jokes. The classroom is diverse and no one is being malicious; we are just in a joking mood.)

Student #1: “And the first statement is ‘not gay’!”

Student #2: “Well, mine just say ‘gay.’ Oh, well. Guess that’s my lot.”

Student #3: “Mine said ‘gay,’ too!”

Student #4: “I got ‘not gay,’ so this is obviously wrong. I’m probably the gayest in here.”

Student #5: “I can’t believe my answer was ‘no homo.'”

Teacher: *trying to refocus us* “Well, the correct answer is ‘not gay’ which, while correct, is rather offensive as I am gay.”

(At this point he stops, realising he has just outed himself to the class.)

Student #6: “Well, s***, [Teacher] we just may have to redo the equation!”

(The lesson proceeded as normal. [Teacher] was visibly more relaxed realising we all accepted him!)

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