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When Games End In A Bi

| Learning | May 4, 2013

(I’m tutoring a group of students that is often disruptive. The youngest one is 11, the eldest 16. I’m male and often wear makeup because I’ve never really seen myself as one gender or another.)

Student #1: “Um, can I ask you a question? It’s sort of personal.”

Me: “Sure, go ahead. We’ve known each other a few months now.”

Student #1: “Well, you see…um…”

(The student slides me a piece of paper with ‘gay?’ written on it.)

Me: *laughing a bit* “Oh, this is because of the makeup, isn’t it?”

(By now, the other students have caught on what’s happening.)

Student #1: “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you!”

Me: “Look, you didn’t offend me. Being gay isn’t something to be ashamed of, and besides—”

Student #2: “So you ARE gay then? I knew it!”

Me: “Nope. I have a girlfriend.”

Student #1: “So you’re straight?”

Me: “Nope. I would date anyone if they were the right personality. It just happens to be a woman.”

Student #2: “So you’re not gay or straight? You’re sure?”

Me: “Pretty much. I guess you could say bisexual if you wanted to.”

Student #2: “Well that’s not fair.”

Me: “Wait, how so?”

Student #2: “If you’d been gay, she would have lost a bet to me.” *points at Student #1* “If you were gay, I would have won. This way, nobody wins except you, and that’s why it’s not fair. You should just give us both ten euros to make up for being a bad sport.”

(They asked me a few more questions relating to gender identity and such but were very polite about it. The whole experience was quite encouraging to me, as I was only beginning to be more public about who I am. Having several people at once be quite accepting and good-humoured about it was a great confidence boost.)

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