When Flipping Burgers Is Autopilot

, , , , | Working | December 12, 2019

(I work at [Fast Food Restaurant #1], but I get bored of the same food, so for my break, I go across the street to [Fast Food Restaurant #2].)

Me: “Hi. Welcome to [Fast Food Restaurant #1]. How can I help you?”

Employee: “This is [Fast Food Restaurant #2].”

Me: “Sorry, can I have a double and medium fries?”

Employee: “Would you like to add a drink and make it a combo?”

Me: “No, thank you. Will that be all?”

Employee: “I don’t know, will it?”

Me: “Yes, that will be… Second window.”

Employee: “First window. I’m not buying your food.”

(When I picked up my food, the employees were gathered around laughing. At least I made their night.)

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