When Fast Food Hires The Slow

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(I have ordered food through the drive-thru of a well-known fast food restaurant.)

Me: *looking at the screen* “That isn’t right; I ordered [item], not and .

Cashier: “Yes.”

Me: “So, can you fix it?”

(There’s no response for like thirty seconds, so I decide to drive forward to the window.)

Cashier: “That’s [amount].”

Me: “The order is wrong. I want a [item], not and .”

Cashier: “That isn’t an option on my till, so I put in something else to make up the same price.”

Me: “You’ve charged me nearly twice what the order should be. Just take the stuff I didn’t order off and I’ll have the rest.”

(She huffs but takes the food off. I assume she has seen my card as she hands the card reader to me. I put my card in and see the price.)

Me: “Hold on. That’s still too much.”

(She then pulls on the wire attached to the reader, taking it clean from my hands, tells me to move on, and closes the window. She puts her back to me. She still has my card. I knock several times and shout for her attention, but she is totally blanking me. After about a minute of me getting increasingly angrier, a manager appears and opens the window.)

Manager: “Sir, could you please move on to the next window? We have other customers waiting.”

Me: “She has my card.”

Manager: *taken aback* “What?”

Me: “She has my card. I haven’t even paid yet because the price was wrong.”

Cashier: *now turning back* “NO! YOU USED CONTACTLESS! He’s just trying to get me fired.”

Manager: “Sir, I can assure you—”

Me: “Check her till. Does it say that I’ve paid?”

(The manager looks at the till, looks extremely confused, and asks the cashier where the reader is. The cashier proudly picks it up.)

Cashier: “SEE?! NO CARD!”

(The manager and I share a glance.)

Manager: “The card is in the bottom.”

Cashier: “No, it isn’t!”

Manager: “It’s bright orange. How could you miss it?! And why did you charge him for twenty bags?”

(The manager took the reader, removed my card, and handed it back to me. I got my meal for free as an apology and I left. A few days later, I checked with my bank in case the cashier was attempting something less moral, but there were no unusual costs.)

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