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When Dark Cherry Goes Very Dark

| Related | March 3, 2015

(We had just bought a bunch of single serving yoghurts of different flavours, getting four of each flavour, meaning each one of us would get one of each flavour. I’m not a big fan of blueberry.)

Me: *to wife and son* “Anyone want an extra blueberry in exchange for another flavour?”

Son: “No.”

Wife: “No.”

(I go see my 13-year-old daughter in another room in the house.)

Me: “Would you like an extra blueberry in exchange for another flavor?”

Daughter: “Okay, you can have the dark cherry one.”

(I return to my wife.)

Me: “Okay, it’s agreed, [Daughter]’s cherry is mine.”

(Both my wife and I realized what I had said, and were mortified.)

Son: “What’s wrong? What did you say?”

Wife & Me: “NEVER MIND!”

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