When Customers Fudge Up The Process

, , , | Right | November 19, 2018

Me: *weighs and rings up customer’s fudge* “And will this be all for you?”

Customer: *points over other customers in line across crowded store* “No, my family is also getting ice cream.”

Me: “Okay.” *prints receipt* “This is called an ordering receipt, just hand it to whoever rings you up, and it will rescan your fudge.”

Customer: “But I’m paying.”

Me: “Oh, you were paying individually from your group?”

Customer: “No, we were all together.”

Me: *tries to hand over the receipt again* “Okay, well, just give this to whoever will ring you up.” *the line is starting to get backed up, with other customers needing help*

Customer: “But I’m paying!”

(This repeated for enough time that eventually her family had gotten their ice cream and joined us. So much for “ordering receipts” saving time!)

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