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When Customer Service Is Just Lip Service

| Working | September 20, 2012

(We are a clothing store chain. I get a call from a customer.)

Customer: “Hi, I was in your store last week. I think I left my lipstick in the fitting room.”

Me: “Your lipstick?”

Customer: “I can’t find it anywhere. Then, I remembered that I spilled my purse in your fitting room. The lipstick might have gotten left behind.”

Me: “Well, we do save some belongings that get left behind. Let me check for you…”

(While I’m checking, the manager walks over.)

Manager: “What are you looking for?”

Me: “A lady may have left a lipstick in the fitting room last week.”

Manager: “I know that lipstick! I hate it when people leave stuff lying around! I graffitied some bathroom wall with it, and then threw it away! That should teach people to not leave things. I found it and did what I wanted with it!”

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