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When Caretakers Get Careless

| Working | December 10, 2012

(I am in the waiting room of my doctor’s office when two women come in. One of them is elderly and using a walker, but seems to have a good mental capacity. The other woman is her caretaker, but is constantly berating the elderly woman and speaking to her like a bratty child. After they check in, the elderly woman is looking at a pamphlet for free shuttles that the office runs.)

Caretaker: “Those aren’t for you! Those are for the staff only. You can’t ride that!”

Elderly Woman: *looks distressed*

(At this point, I’m fed up with the caretaker’s poor treatment and speak up.)

Me: *to the caretaker* “First of all, you should know what you’re talking about before you speak. Patients can take the shuttles; I do it all the time. That’s what they’re for. Second, I’m pretty sure your job title is ‘Caretaker’ and not ‘Total B****’.”

Caretaker: *turns beet red and shuts up*

Elderly Woman: *to me* “Bless you!”

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