When Bosses Show Their True Colors

| Working | May 17, 2013

(I have just finished giving a wine tasting to a very nice African American couple, who then goes on to purchase two cases. They love the wine so much they buy a postcard and write a nice note to me and the owner saying how much they enjoyed their experience. As the couple gets into their car to leave, the owner returns from an errand and walks up to me.)

Owner: “Anything good while I was gone?”

Me: “Yup, had two couples come in. I sold two cases to one of them.”

Owner: “Oh, fantastic.”

Me: “And! The couple that just left  were so impressed they bought a postcard and wrote this nice note for the two of us. ”

(He reads the note, while I go grab a push-pin out of the office. We have a corkboard that we hang thank you letters and photos from customers up on.)

Me: “I’m going to go ahead and hang it up on the corkboard if—”

Owner: “NO. Throw it in the rubbish bin!”

Me: “…Pardon?”

Owner: “You heard me! I’m not putting up a half hearted thank you note from a bunch of n*****s who didn’t buy jack s***!”

Me: “You do realize that couple just spent nearly $400 on wine? They also bought the rest of our Cabernet.”

Owner: “…”

Me: “You didn’t see the two cases they loaded into their trunk?”

Owner: “But n*****s don’t have any money! Did they pay for it?”

Me: “Here’s the credit card receipt, and yes I did check his ID since the amount was over $50.”

Owner: “…”

Me: “Oh, and he’s bringing his Church group back this fall for a wine tasting.”

Owner: “Go f***ing mow the lawn or something!”

(I put my notice in that afternoon.)

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