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When Being Rich Is A Handicap

, , , , , | Working | November 22, 2019

(I spend a semester working as an unpaid intern for a charity organization in late 2007. Early on during my time there, the boss arrives after I am already working to meet with a big wig representative of a potential corporate sponsor. It’s important to note that my car has handicap plates due to some minor mobility issues, but I only park in handicap parking spaces if I think I really need it. Today is not one of those days and I parked in the back. My boss starts making odd jokes and seems to be implying that I should be donating money to their organization such as with the following comments.)

Boss: *chuckling* “Boy, I bet you could afford to feed the whole center lunch.”


Boss: “I bet [My Name] could afford a luxury bus to get us and our equipment to [School].”

(Now, my family is fairly well off, although we didn’t used to be, and I’ve been lucky enough to go to school full-time without working for the first couple of years of my education. However, I have not made any mention of my family’s income at all, let alone given any implication that I am quite wealthy.)

Me: “You seem to be implying that I have a lot of money and I have no idea where this is coming from.”

Boss: “Isn’t that your new Lexus in the handicap spot in front?”

Me: “What? No, I drive that slightly dented 1993 T-Bird out back. It’s under a salvage title and worth about $1,100.”

Big Wig Representative: “That’s my car.”

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