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When Being Denied Is A Fresh Experience

, , | Right | May 29, 2021

I work in fast food, but we don’t modify our burgers. Everything is made one way, with the exception of removing cheese to accommodate those who are lactose intolerant. Because of this, we cook in thirty-six burger cycles, constantly replacing build-ups. 

Saturday night is our busiest night of the week, so we haven’t had food sitting out for long at all.

Customer: “Can I have two deluxes?”

Me: “Of course, anything else?

Customer: “But can I have them fresh off the grill?

Me: “All of our food is guaranteed fresh. If you have any problems with it, just bring it back and we will replace it with no questions asked.”

Customer: “But my boyfriend only likes it fresh off the grill. Can’t you just give me some of those?

Me: “I’m sorry. Unfortunately, all burgers must be sold in rotation.”

She’s not angry or screaming but still persistent.

Customer: “Yeah… I’m going to have to talk to your manager.”

Me: “Sure.”

I call my manager up front and I don’t trust myself to unbiasedly explain the situation, so I just kind of gave him the “that one over there” look. 

Manager: “What seems to be the problem?

Customer: “I want fresh-off-the-grill burgers.”

Manager: “All of our food is guaranteed fresh. If you don’t enjoy it, you can bring it back and we will replace it.”

Customer: “But I want it fresh off the grill; I don’t want that.”

Manager: “We have to sell all of our burgers in rotation. You get the same food everyone else gets.

Customer: *Visibly shocked* “Wow.”

Manager: “So, two deluxes?”

The customer just turned around and left.

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