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When A Scene Is Made Before The Show Begins

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My favorite theatre company was doing a show that I really wanted to see, and tickets were selling fast. My partner and I were able to snag two of the last tickets in what ended up being a sold-out house. The seats were not together, but that was all that was left, so we figured we’d just hang out at intermission. It wasn’t ideal, but we were okay with it.

When the day of the show rolled around, we waited in the will-call line to pick up our tickets. The people ahead of us were complaining about something and it was taking a long time to sort out. I wasn’t paying too much attention, but the box office staff seemed confused, the patrons were frustrated, a manager was called, strings were pulled, something finally got resolved, and then it was our turn.

Partner: “I’m picking up two tickets for [Partner]. I know they’re not adjacent seats, but that’s okay.”

The box office person had a look of dawning realization.

It turned out the patron who was complaining for so long ahead of us had the exact same first and last name as my partner, was given our tickets, and was upset that the seats weren’t together. No one had caught that there were two parties of two under the same relatively common name. The box office had already shifted something around for the other guy, and he was long gone, so we got to take his seats, which were together and significantly closer to the stage.

Sorry, other [Partner’s Name], and thank you! The show was amazing!

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