When A Happy Meal Spreads The Happiness

, , , | Right | October 4, 2019

(While working at a fast food restaurant, I have a customer come up looking for a specific toy we are selling at the time. My managers are nearby as all of this is going on. I work the front register for the lobby sales.)

Me: *coming back from the drive-thru window* “Is this the one you’re looking for?”

Customer: “No, that one’s not quite right, either.” *describes the toy again*

Me: *goes in search of the toy and finally finds what she’s asking for* “Here you go! I found it buried underneath the similar ones.”

Customer: “Oh, great! Thank you so much!” *tries to hand me a $20 tip*

Me: “Oh, I’m really sorry, but I really can’t accept that.”

Customer: *calls over the manager* “Sir, this young woman has been so helpful and patient; would it be all right if I gave her this tip?”

Manager: “I have no part in this.” *smiles and turns his back*

Customer: *slides the bill into my hand as she shakes my hand before leaving*

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