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When 1+1 Does Not Add Up

, , , , | Right | December 20, 2020

It is the holiday season. A customer is making a rather large purchase of about $400. Everything is going well until the customer’s credit card gets declined.

Customer: “Can I try it again?”

Me: “Yes, you can, but it will be the same result.”

The customer runs his card again and it is declined again.

Customer: “Why is my card being declined?”

Me: “We do not have access to that information. Perhaps your card has reached its limit.”

Customer: *Loud and angry* “What do you mean, my card has reached its limit? I put $2,000 on it this morning!”

Me: “Do you have another card you can use?”

The customer mumbles under his breath about our store declining his card. He finishes his purchase with another card, and as he walks away, he says:

Customer: “My card was good at [Other Store] so it should be good here! I’ll never shop here again!”

Me: “Have a very merry Christmas!”

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