Wheely Trying To Be Diplomatic Here

| Friendly | August 12, 2014

(I use a wheelchair full time due to a muscular disability. A good friend and I are out shopping one day and decide to stop for a quick coffee before moving on to the next store. While my friend uses the restroom, a woman (who neither of us have ever met) walks up to us and addresses me.)

Woman: “Excuse me! Do you know John Smith? Will you tell him Theresa said hi next time you see him?”

Me: “Um.. no, I’m sorry, I don’t know a John Smith..”

Woman: *chuckles* “Oh, sure you do! He’s been my friend for years! He uses a wheelchair, too. I’m sure you know him.”

Me: “I really don’t. I’m sorry.”

Woman: *getting irritated* “I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t lie to me, missy. JOHN SMITH. He even has the same kind of wheelchair as you do. You HAVE to know him!”

(Despite my protestations, she continues to insist I know her friend simply because we’re both disabled. During this, my friend returns from the rest room.)

Me: *finally getting fed up* “All right, fine. I’ll tell John you said hi, if you remember to tell Martha I asked about her father.”

Woman: “Martha? I don’t know any Martha.”

Me: “Oh, but you must! She has dark brown hair JUST like yours. It even curls and everything!”

Woman: “Why the h*** do you think I would know someone just because we have the same hair?!”

Me: “Why would you think I would know someone because we’re both in wheelchairs?!”

Woman: *turns red and walks away*

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