Wheat Do You Think You’re Doing?!

, , , | Learning | May 20, 2017

(My son is starting first grade at a parent participation school. He has a wheat allergy, so I buy expensive gluten-free flour and dust off the bread machine. After school, a parent comes up to me.)

Volunteer: “Hi, I was working lunch duty today. Your son’s sandwich was covered with mold, so I threw it away.”

Me: “What? That can’t be.”

Volunteer: “It was covered with white powdery mold. I didn’t want him to get sick… You’re welcome…”

(After getting home, I realized the bread maker hadn’t mixed in all the flour, and there were splotches of unmixed flour on the crust. I’m not sure what I felt worse about: that a well-intentioned volunteer had thrown away an hour’s work and a $7 peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or that she thought I would send my son to school with a moldy sandwich.)

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