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What’s Your Husband’s Skincare Regimen?

, , , , | Working | February 17, 2022

My husband is several years older than I am, and while he has a bit of a babyface, he also has a substantial amount of gray hair.

We’re waiting to go on a test drive for a new car. My husband has his head down as he’s looking for something on his phone. The employee walks up to us and asks to see my driver’s license.

Then, he turns to my husband.

Employee: “Young lady, will you also be driving today?”

Husband: *Looks up* “I’m a man, and yes.”

Employee: “Oh, I’m so sorry. And can I ask how old you are? Because if you’re under twenty-six, the insurance doesn’t cover it.”

Husband: “I’m forty-five.”

The employee goes to sort out the paperwork for the drive, and I go to the restroom. While I’m gone, the employee returns.

Employee: “Where did your mom go off to?”

Husband: “You mean my wife?”

Employee: “Your… mom.”

Husband: “My wife!”

Employee: “No, really… Your mom, right?”

Husband: “No, really. My wife.”

Employee: “Erm… okay.”

The employee later apologized profusely for thinking that my husband wasn’t a man, but not for thinking that I was old enough to have a forty-five-year-old son.

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