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What’s Red Or Blue And Dumb All Over

, , , | Right | October 13, 2010

(I work for a cruise line. We port in a small town where we are too big for the local harbor, so we have to tender the passengers ashore in smaller boats. The passengers are lining up to be issued a tender ticket so they can go ashore. The tickets just happen to be red or blue, but the colors don’t mean anything.)

Passenger: “What’s the difference between the red tickets and the blue tickets?”

Me: *joking* “Well, the red tickets operate as a life preserver in case of an emergency; the blue tickets will turn to stone and take you straight to the bottom. You’ll have to decide among yourselves who gets what.”

(The entire line behind the passenger bursts into hysterical laughter. I’m having difficulty holding a straight face, but the original passenger is staring at me completely horror-stricken.)

Me: “Ma’am, I’m joking… There’s no difference.”

Passenger: “Are… are you sure?!”

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