What’s Cooking In That Brain Of His

| Related | April 23, 2014

(I’ve taken my nephew out for the day, and while we had a busy day he finally sat for a moment next to me, looking pleased with the world. I’m on the big side.)

Nephew: “You know what? If I was at a deserted island, I would wish to be there with [Cousin] and you. [Cousin] because of the fun and the fact she is a nurse and you for cooking.”

Me: “So, I’m no fun then?”

Nephew: *slightly embarrassed* “Well, a bit for the love, too. But mainly for cooking. When we are out of food, you can heat the pan on the fire. When it is hot, [Cousin] and me will shove you in.”

(I was a bit flabbergasted and he was sitting there looking very pleased with himself. He was most severely punished with a visit from the tickle monster.)

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