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Whatever You Do, Don’t Cross Her

| Friendly | September 25, 2014

(I’m a college student walking back to my apartment from campus. I come to an intersection and hit the button for the walk signal. While I’m waiting for the light to change, an older woman walks up and waits next to me. After only a few moments of waiting she hits the button repeatedly, muttering under her breath.)

Me: “It’s okay. I already pushed it.”

Her: “Not enough.”

(She continues hitting the button, glaring at the cars passing by for a minute, before pulling out her phone. While she’s looking at the phone, the walk signal goes on.)

Me: “Hey, the sign changed… Hello? We can walk now.”

(I decide to just go, and begin to walk, when she grabs my arm.)

Me: “Hey!”

Her: “Don’t jaywalk! F***ing students think you can go whenever you want!”

Me: “The walk signal is on. I tried to tell you!”

Her: “S***!”

(By this point, the light was already blinking, meaning it would change back to ‘do not walk’ soon. The woman dropped my arm and charged across the intersection just as the light changed, and nearly got hit by a car turning as soon as they got the green light.)

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