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Whatever You Call Two Levels Above Rude, She’s That

, , , | Right | March 8, 2022

I am a cashier. It’s mid-afternoon, and I’m tired and a bit irritable from having to walk to work in nearly 115-degree weather. There are only three cashiers scheduled for today. Despite this, I always do my best to be kind and (if I feel the customer appreciates it) funny to help the time pass. I’m working in the box, where I can process purchases and returns.

I see a young woman in the return line and decide to call her over to my register despite the fact that I have dozens of customers in the purchase line.

Me: “Ma’am, I can take your return over here.”

The customer walks over and says nothing to me, which is when I realize she is talking on her phone. She throws a bag of clothes and her receipt onto the counter and then continues blabbering away on her phone. I scan the receipt and my heart drops. It’s exactly thirty-one days since she purchased the item, which means I can only do the return for store credit and I need a valid ID to continue.

Not wanting to interrupt her “very important ” phone call (she is obviously flirting), I put my hands on the counter and look at her. After a few moments, she tilts the phone down for a second.

Rude Customer: “What the f*** do you need from me?”

Me: *Curtly, so I don’t blow up on her* “I need an ID.”

She proceeds to toss her ID at me and, when I finally get the opportunity to tell her that I can only do store credit, she starts questioning everything about the transaction. My manager, who has been behind me this entire time, tells her there’s nothing we can do. She begins cursing up a storm but accepts the store credit and leaves in a huff.

Me: *To my coworker* “I need to take a minute so I don’t blow up on another customer.”

At this point, my coworker is helping two middle-aged women. One of them looks at me and says:

Customer #2: “Take your time honey. That girl was a c***!”

Luckily, I had a few very kind customers later that day. Sometimes, the good outweighs the bad, and I continue to be kind and helpful at work.

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