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Whatever Direction You’re Coming From, This Went South, Part 2

, , , | Right | September 22, 2020

Recently, the highway near us has changed so that if you don’t get off at the right exit, you’ll end up in Maryland, and it’s very hard to go back. I have accidentally done this on my way to work. A guest comes in looking very harried.

Guest: “Phew! I finally made it!”

Me: “Hello, how are you?”

Guest: “What is up with that highway?! I asked for directions earlier, and they didn’t tell me that it would be like that!

Me: “Oh? Are you talking about… Wait, did you end up in Maryland?”

Guest: “Yes!”

Me: *Chuckling* “Yes, that happened to me, too.”

Guest: “It is not funny! How dare you laugh?! You Virginians are so rude! Giving people directions and not telling them about the crazy highways around here!”

Me: “Um, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend—”

Guest: “Well, you did!”

Me: “—but, anyway, I wasn’t the one who gave you directions.”

The guest started a rant about how I was supposed to be a representative of the hotel and, therefore, take responsibility for someone else’s directions, and then I finally was able to give him his room keys. The next day, I saw him looking a lot calmer; I guess a good night’s sleep works wonders!

Whatever Direction You’re Coming From, This Went South

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