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What You See Is What You Can’t Comprehend

, , | Right | May 4, 2009

(The hotel was hosting a conference. At lunchtime, I was serving at the dessert table which had a variety of different desserts and a large fruit bowl with a pineapple as the centerpiece.)

Man: “Is that pineapple real?”

Me: “Huh? Oh, yes it is. We put it there just as decoration, but I could get the chef to cut it up for you if you’d like.”

Man: “No, I just wondered… How about those apples, are they real?”

Me: “Yes they are; all the fruit is real. Actually, we aren’t allowed to use fake fruit in decorating here anymore.”

Man: “Really? Why not?”

Me: “Because people kept trying to eat them and hurt their mouths.”

Man: “You’re joking! How could they not tell the difference?”

Me: “I… don’t know, sir. Did you want any dessert?”

Man: “Um… are the strawberries real?”

Me: “Yes, sir.”

Man: “Hmm, they look pretty real. I’ll have some of those.”

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