What Would Be Wonderful Is You Leaving

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I am the customer in this story, my father is at the hospital having open heart surgery while I am at the store getting get-well gifts, and frozen meals for my kids so they can fend for themselves for the evening. I’m checking out at a lane that has both a very happy trainer — she is demonstrating and therefore doing the work — and a trainee observing. I’ve been crying off and on all day and look like a wreck.

As the trainer is checking me out she asks, “And how is your day going, ma’am?”

Distracted, anxious, and barely hearing her, I respond, “Just fine, thank you.”

Then she says, in a very cheerful voice, “Why don’t you tell me the most wonderful thing that happened to you today?

I’d like to think that I would typically be able to answer that question, but with all of the stress, and the absurdity of the question itself, I’m a bit flummoxed. I stare at her for a minute and then say, “Actually, nothing good has happened today. My father is being operated on as we speak, and I am worried and stressed. I apologize for telling you I was fine; it’s actually been a terrible day.”

The trainee is staring at me with wide eyes, looking horrified. Meanwhile the trainer just says perkily, “Well, that’s too bad, but I’m sure something has been wonderful for you today!”

I am literally dumbstruck. Thankfully it is a quick transaction so I just pay and leave without another word.

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