What We Should Be Spreading Is Kindness

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The governor of Ohio has just closed all non-essential businesses during the health crisis. Unfortunately, I own a small and relatively new retail store. Because it’s a home goods and gift-shop-style store, it is considered non-essential.

Because my business is less than three years old, we pay month to month. No savings. And all my personal savings were invested in start-up costs. I literally rely on monthly sales to keep going. I have been waiting and hoping that I will get the stimulus check, but at this point, it isn’t happening, and there is no guarantee that it will happen.

I apply for grants and loans and am never approved for any. I am sure I am going to have to close my business and give up on my dream. There is no way I can keep going.

About four weeks into the quarantine, I stop by the store and check my PO box. There is a letter with just my name on the front, nothing else. Inside the card is a note stating, “I know it’s hard for small businesses like yours. I hope this helps,” and $900 cash. It isn’t signed, and I know the postmaster is in on it, but they say they have no idea who did it.

That gift helped make it through and now we are back open. I can keep going. So, thank you, whoever you are! My faith in humanity was restored! I hope I can pay it forward one day.

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