What The Fudge?

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(Every Christmas, my grandmother spends all of December baking cookies. I’ve gone up to help her out, so I’m icing some mint cookies while she’s dipping her batch in chocolate. While she’s not usually one for swearing, I’ve picked up quite a vocabulary from friends so I try and watch my language around my family.)

Grandma: *drops a cookie into the chocolate* “Oh, s***! Sorry!”

Grandma: *stuck-together cookies break* “Well, s***! Sorry!”

(I’ve run out of room for more cookies, so I use a spatula to lift the iced ones onto spare cookie sheets to dry. It’s going well until one leaps off my spatula and lands icing-side down. We both stare at it.)

Me: “Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffudge muffins!”

Grandma: *bursts out laughing*

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