What Price Loyalty?

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I play a mobile game that has a light PVP element to it: players can join teams that have arranged fights with other teams and also can fight bigger monsters, both of which offer superior rewards. The team I am a member of has a core group of people who stick with it but has experienced a lot of membership churn. This is in part due to differences between people who feel attacked if the leader points out that some people didn’t participate in events and others who get annoyed and leave because some people didn’t participate in events and they feel that this was dragging down their event rewards. As a result, our team lead has had to be in a perpetual recruitment mode for a few months.

After one recruitment session, one person joined, responding politely to our greeting messages and overall gave no signs of unhappiness with our team. An hour later, without another word, he suddenly left the team again and joined a different team.

One of the requirements listed on the home page for the other team? “Loyalty.”

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