What Passes For Customer Service

| Working | April 20, 2013

(Although I’m 16 and no longer count as an unaccompanied minor, my mom still wants to walk me to the terminal in the airport. This is because I have severe anxiety and am prone to panic attacks in stressful situations.)

My Mom: “Excuse me, could I get a gate pass so I can walk my daughter to her terminal?”

Ticketing Agent: “How old is your daughter?”

My Mom: “Sixteen.”

Ticketing Agent: “She’s older than 14, so she’s not an unaccompanied minor. You can’t have the pass.”

My Mom: “Are you sure? I called in a few days ago, and they said that unless you’d had an unusual number of unaccompanied minors who had to have their parents take them, you’d be able to give me one.”

Ticketing Agent: “She’s over 14. She’s not an unaccompanied minor.”

My Mom: “I know. I was told that despite that, I could get a pass if you weren’t too crowded.”

Ticketing Agent: “They were wrong.”

My Mom: “Could I speak to your supervisor, please?”

Ticketing Agent: “Fine!”

(The supervisor comes out.)

Supervisor: “What’s the problem?”

My Mom: “I was told I’d be able to get a gate pass to walk my daughter to her terminal?”

Supervisor: “…And?”

My Mom: “…And your employee won’t give me one.”

Supervisor: *turns to agent* “Why not?”

Ticketing Agent: “Her daughter is over 14.”

Supervisor: “We reserve a certain amount for unaccompanied minors’ parents. That doesn’t mean all gate passes are specifically reserved for them!” *to my mom* “Here you go, ma’am.”

(Fortunately, my mom was able to go with me to the terminal!)

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