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What Part Of “Legal Liability” Did You Not Understand?

, , | Right | October 21, 2021

I’m talking to a new client about documentation needs.

Client: “I see you don’t have your last project in your portfolio. Why not?”

Me: “That’s because the information on it was proprietary, and I couldn’t take any copies as part of the conditions of my contract.”

Client: “Well, we’ll need to review it before we can hire you. Do you have backdoor access to the server so we could get it ourselves?”

Me: “No, because that would open me up to legal liability. Even if I did, I couldn’t share access with you without being sued and possibly prosecuted.”

Client: “Well, we can’t hire you unless we can view those documents, so send the backdoor access password as soon as you can.”

Punchline: this was AFTER I had to sign a massive non-disclosure agreement just to get the interview, attesting that I’d never share or allow access to any of the client’s proprietary information under penalty of law.