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What Is French For Emasculated?

| Learning | February 26, 2014

(We have a very laid back French class. The class has a wide range of students, with one jock copying off of a nerdy girl on a regular basis. On this day, we were assigned to do a page in the workbook.)

Nerdy Girl: *quietly* “Madame, can you call on [Jock]?”

Teacher: “Sure.”

(A few minutes later, the teacher calls on people to go write their answers on the board. Sure enough, she calls the jock. He doesn’t hide the fact that he simply grabs the nerdy girl’s workbook to copy on the board. Suddenly, the class erupts in laughter.)

Teacher: *giggling* “[Jock], can you read what you wrote?”

Jock: “Okay. Je n’aime pas cette émission parce que j’ai un petit pénis. What’s so funny?”

(It still took him a minute to realize that he had written that he didn’t like something because he had a small, ahem, member. I don’t recall him ever cheating again.)

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